Individual Therapy

For Women

You may be tired of feeling stuck somehow in your relationships, or in your life. I can help you resolve the issues, have a higher quality of life and experience better relationships. I also work with more complex issues, such as relational trauma and a variety of difficult life experiences.

For Men

You may be particularly stressed with your partner or work. You may be tired of hearing complaints, not getting your needs met or be getting ready to make a significant decision in your life.

I can help you sort through the aspects of your life that are not working, and find resolution and answers to difficult life decisions.

Effective therapy that gets at the heart of the matter for individuals addressing issues that range from:

Clients who have worked with Tyra experience increased confidence, peace and serenity, inner strength and closer, more connected relationships.

As an experienced therapist in Orange County, I work with a broad range of people to help them with emotional, relational and behavioral struggles. My approach helps you feel better while getting at the deeper issues and providing helpful coping strategies. More than likely, you'll start to feel better and have the opportunity to work through the issues that seem to feel deeper or out of your awareness.

In a comfortable and compassionate atmosphere, I work hard for you. Together, we'll embark on a journey that will help you understand yourself more and overcome particular issues that stand in your way--allowing you to have better relationships, a deeper understanding and perspective of yourself, more peace and joy, and improved confidence and purpose in your life.